Minister puts ministry staff on performance notice



Agriculture and Livestock Minister John Simon has warned his officers and senior ministry leadership, asking them to meet expectations.

He said most of the senior executives and leadership team at the helm of organizations are not new to the industry, industry and department they serve.

He stressed that recently the government had appointed a new acting secretary and the team knew what to expect and what to do in terms of policy development.

“We need to submit our guidance document on price support and all other outstanding issues and issues to Cabinet and get it approved,” he said.

“These are the things I expect from the department.

“DAL has been very slow. I tried to put together a team to be able to work on these things.

“I spoke to my department and in particular to the acting secretary.”

He said his call to the team was to get things done faster.

“If we can get some guidance material and all of that stuff, then we should be fine,” said Simon.

“We have no problem getting funding, our problem is our officials, our DAL staff.

“They seem to be left behind and I feel like I’m running 150 kilometers an hour and they seem to be running 20 kilometers an hour, it doesn’t work like that, we both have to be on the same phase, “he said. noted.


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