Ministry promotes innovation to boost productivity and well-being of farmers


In addition, with a view to boosting national food production, we continue to encourage various innovations in the agricultural sector.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Agriculture is promoting the development of agricultural innovation and technology to boost the productivity of Indonesian agricultural products and improve the well-being of farmers.

“One of the roles of the Ministry of Agriculture is to encourage the active participation of farmers in achieving food self-sufficiency while improving their well-being. Furthermore, in an effort to revive food production nationally, we continue to encourage various innovations in the sector,” the Director General of Food Crops at the Suwandi Ministry said in a written statement received here on Tuesday.

Raising the incomes of farmers, especially food crop producers, is one of the government’s agricultural development goals, he added. Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo’s policies and programs focus on increasing technology and enterprise-based production to enhance food security and exports and improve farmers’ welfare.

“Innovation development by the Ministry of Agriculture has an important requirement to meet the needs of farmers as users of innovation and key location-specific agricultural actors,” Suwandi explained.

Localized agricultural development is underway in West Sumatra, where 50 percent of agricultural land is used for rice cultivation. West Sumatra Provincial Agriculture, Plantation and Horticulture Department Secretary Ferdinal Asmin said the department has formed a Farmers Income Team targeting rice farmers.

“In order to increase farmers’ income, we need to create synergy by forming a team to increase farmers’ income. Our target is the rice farmers. This is very important because, in an effort to increase the family business farmers, it requires the support of various parties to make the idea a reality,” Asmin added.

The province’s Department of Agriculture, Plantations and Horticulture has made several efforts to achieve the goal, including promoting the use of high-quality seeds and ensuring the availability of fertilizers and agricultural machinery. adequate.

Currently, farmers in West Sumatra produce their own fertilizers, especially organic fertilizers, to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

By producing organic fertilizers, farmers can save on production costs in the face of soaring fertilizer prices and thus increase their income.

Several local government agricultural programs have been implemented in West Sumatra, for example, Tanah Datar district has a free tillage service program which aims to reduce land processing costs. In addition, farmers’ insurance was split into rice crop insurance and buffalo insurance.

In addition, the local government has also increased the quota of subsidized fertilizers, with fertilizer aid focusing on the production of organic fertilizers as well as the irrigation network improvement program. because most of the irrigation networks available allow only simple irrigation methods.

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