MoS Agriculture directs CBBOs and implementing agencies to focus more on supporting FPOs


Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Shri Kailash Choudhary has inaugurated the Conference of Cluster Based Business Organizations (CBBOs) and Agricultural Producer Organizations (FPOs) in the as part of the 10,000 FPO training and promotion program on 06 May 2022 at Birla Auditorium in Jaipur.

Appreciating the CBBO for the efforts made so far, Shri Choudhary called on the CBBOs and implementing agencies to focus more on supporting FBOs, motivating farmers to contribute capital and support them. He also added that CBBOs and FPOs have an important role to play in doubling farmers’ incomes and realizing the Prime Minister’s visionary dream and therefore CBBOs should come forward to contact local elected officials to mobilize small and marginal farmers to join the FPO. movement. FPOs are given priority in government programs. Furthermore, he encouraged the CBBOs and FPOs to do continuous hard work for the benefit of the farmers nationwide.

Various issues were discussed during the conference, including a discussion on expectations of FBOs, knowledge sharing by FBOs on best practices, a discussion on training and capacity building of stakeholders, and an open discussion on various questions/suggestions related to the successful implementation of the program.

In the conference reviewing the importance of CBBOs and the experience of FPOs in field-level implementation, 150 representatives of CBBOs and 350 representatives of FPOs from Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan participated along with all agencies of implementation, different categories of specialists in the field of agricultural cultivation, Agri Marketing and senior state government officials attended the conference.

Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are implementing schemes under which 894 commodity clusters have been awarded and 563 FPOs registered, over 1.35 lakh farmers have been mobilized and around 56,012 farmers have been registered in as FPO shareholders. The capital contribution of farmer members is INR 9.64 crore. 30 women-focused FPOs have been registered. 64 FPOs registered in tribal districts and 85 FPOs registered in aspiration districts.

Lok Sabha Shri MP Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore encouraged farmers to adopt sustainable income-oriented agriculture and Lok Sabha Shri MP Ramcharan Bohra stressed the importance of collective action.

Dr N. Vijaya Lakshmi, Joint Secretary (Marketing), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, addressed the gathering and shared the progress of the programme, which also includes benefits granted to POs under the program.

Dr. Ramesh Mittal, Director, CCS National Agricultural Marketing Institute, Jaipur offered a vote of thanks to the dignitaries and conference participants.

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