! Murcia Today – Murcia’s agriculture minister insists there will be no supply shortages


Publication date: 03/15/2022

The Minister says that the supply of cereals in the Region “is guaranteed” but that prices will increase

The Minister of Agriculture of Murcia, Antonio Luengo, assured this week that the supply of cereals and seeds necessary for the livestock sector “is guaranteed” and that a supply crisis is in no way imminent. due to the war in Ukraine, although he warned that the price of some essentials is likely to rise.

“With the data on the table, I wouldn’t dare speak of a market shortage. I think it’s about normalizing the situation and putting in place measures to avoid shortages,” he said after meeting with the leaders of the agricultural groups Coag, Asaja and UPA to analyze the consequences of the conflict. .

“If the measures we have proposed are finally taken, we can protect our farmers and herders and ensure supply,” the minister reiterated.

“We request the maximum reduction of taxes and dutiesas well as fiscal measures to help the sector, particularly with regard to the price of electricity, hydrocarbons, fertilizers, gas and raw materials”.

Coag regional president José Miguel Marín said last week that farmers were already preparing a contingency plan that involved sacrificing heads of cattle due to the lack of grain from Ukraine, however, after being spoken to with the Minister, he conceded that the “solution to the problem appears to be on the right track.

“Two weeks ago farming organizations called on the EU to make grain imports more flexible from the US, Canada, Brazil and Argentina, and it looks like the European Commission is moving quickly to save the peak”, confirmed Mr. Marín, adding that he will not miss if these plans are followed.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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