Name the farmers who got rich under BJP rule: KTR


Hyderabad: The incumbent chairman of TRS, KT Rama Rao, was furious at the Centre’s announcement that farmers’ income had been doubled. The Minister of Municipal Administration was referring to the Union Agriculture Ministry’s tweet that, in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal, the incomes of many farmers in the country had doubled. Rao demanded that the Prime Minister put all the details before the people of the country if what the Center claimed was true.

He wondered what programs were in place for the development of the country’s agricultural sector and the welfare of farmers after Narendra Modi came to power. He also wanted the Center to identify farmers whose incomes have been doubled and whose state farmers have good yields and their incomes have increased.

Netizens alleged that the farmer in the poster put up by the Union Department of Agriculture was a model. They wonder if the Modi government had doubled the income of the farmers, it should be authenticated by the original farmers why they are using such models.

Rama Rao satirically responded to the Center’s ruling on unparliamentary remarks. Prime Minister Modi can literally call ‘Aandolan Jeevi’ the people of the country who have taken to the streets to solve their problems.

A union minister saying “Goli Maro Salom Ko” can stir up emotions between the two communities. There is nothing wrong with the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh saying 80-20 to create a split in the society in order to be in power what is wrong if an MP of the BJP speaks to denigrate the personality of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, calling farmers who supply rice to the country as “terrorists” is acceptable in the eyes of the central government.

All of these have been qualified as acceptable parliamentary mandates for the government of non-performing assets (NPA) at the BJP-led Center, Rao said.


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