No plan to bring back repealed farm laws, said Union Minister Tomar; denounces Rahul for “cheap politics”


Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar made it clear on Sunday that the central government did not intend to reintroduce the three withdrawn agricultural laws and accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of doing so. of “cheap politics” and misleading people. Tomar’s statement comes a day after Congress alleged the Center had plotted to reintroduce the three farm laws after the next assembly polls. Congress made the allegation after Tomar, at an event in Nagpur, Maharashtra, said, while speaking about repealed farm laws, that the government had “taken a step back” and “will move forward again” .

There is no government proposal to bring back the agricultural reform laws. People like Rahul Gandhi engage in cheap politics. These people have tried unsuccessfully to mislead the country by misquoting my statement. There is no such proposal to bring back the repealed laws, ” Tomar told reporters in Morena on Sunday, when asked about the congressional allegations.

In Nagpur, Tomar had said that the Center made amendment laws on agriculture, but some people did not like these laws which were a big reform brought about 70 years after independence under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra. Modi. “But the government is not disappointed, we have stepped back and we will move forward again because farmers are the backbone of India,” Tomar said.

After the statement, Congressman Rahul Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet on Saturday that the country’s agriculture minister had insulted Prime Minister Modi’s apology. “If anti-farmer measures are taken again, then annadata satyagraha will take place. Had conquered arrogance, will conquer it again, ” he said.

Chief Congressman Randeep Surjewala, referring to Tomar’s comments, said the “concerted conspiracy” to bring back the three “anti-farm” farm laws was again exposed by Tomar’s statement.

The Center had repealed the three agricultural laws which had been passed by Parliament in September last year with the aim of bringing about reforms in the agricultural sector, in particular the marketing of agricultural products. These three agricultural laws were – the Agricultural Trade and Trade (Promotion and Facilitation) Act of 2020, the Farmers’ Agricultural Services and Price Insurance Agreement (Empowerment and Protection) Act of 2020 and the Essential Products (Amendment) Act 2020.

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