Now potato prices jump | The star of the day


The price of potatoes is now on the rise in various markets in Munshiganj, alongside the skyrocketing cost of other necessities.

A kilogram of potato now sells for 20-22 Tk, compared to 12-13 Tk two weeks ago.

The rise in prices was attributed to some of the traders, who stored potatoes in cold stores.

There is a shortage of potatoes in the wholesale markets as the potatoes do not come out of cold storage, according to Swapon Miah, a vegetable seller at a cooking market in the city of Munshiganj.

Currently, retailers make do with potatoes that farmers harvest and sell directly to wholesalers.

Between January and April, potatoes were grown on about 35,796 hectares of land in Munshiganj and 11 lakh tons of potatoes were produced, according to the district agriculture bureau.

Farmers will run out of potatoes to supply wholesalers in about two weeks, said Alauddin Hossain, a vegetable seller in the Sreepalli area of ​​Munshiganj.

“Then there will be a crisis,” he added.

Rashraj Madbar, who hoarded the tuber, says he is waiting for the price to rise further to release his stock from cold storage. “If I sell them now, I will have to take losses,” he added.

Yet farmers, who grow the vegetable, say they will rack up losses as their cost of cultivation was high this year due to rain.

Kamrul Hasan Russel, a farmer from Hamidpur village in Munshiganj Sadar Upazila, said his cost of production was Tk 18-19 per kg but he sells his crop at Tk 16-17 to wholesalers.

Contacted, Asif Al Azad, Deputy Director of the National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection in Munshiganj, said: “We have not received any complaints from any consumer regarding the potato crisis and its price hike. . The potato supply is sufficient — we kept watching the market.”


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