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Social news or gossip columns in old newspapers are always fascinating to read. A special section of the newspaper was devoted to the social media of the time. The comings and goings of local people and events were often featured in these columns. Here are some excerpts from the News Messenger of the County of Lyon of April 1, 1910:

Will Curtis, son of conductor Curtis of Tracy, and recently employed by the Marshall Milling Company, has returned from a short visit to Tracy to be stricken with scarlet fever. He is not seriously ill. Scarlet fever has reigned all winter at Balaton and Tracy, and we know it has reached Amiret, and there is good reason for Marshall to receive a share of the affliction. But, all the same, there is a lot in the care of any contagious disease. The only case of smallpox in Marshall last fall was not allowed to spread.

Many women, and quite a few men, have been drawn to the display of the washing machine in the Watson Hardware storefront over the past week. The machine is powered by a small water motor, which can be attached to any ordinary tap connected to the city water supply. Of course, city water doesn’t connect with clothes, not with your life, but it’s as good for running the engine as Porter’s famous spring water is for running the internal organs of humanity.

Melvin L. Dudry, a former soldier living in Garvin, and also a former citizen of the county, died at his home last Monday. Many years ago Mr. Dudry was associated in business at Tracy with Samuel Truax, and he was a brother of Mrs. Truax, and for many years was a well-known citizen near Amiret.

The barn of John Norris, a farmer living a mile and a half southwest of Green Valley, was destroyed by fire on Wednesday afternoon. The barn’s harness and food were also destroyed. The fire was started by a five-year-old child playing with matches. Mr Norris’ neighbors gathered the next day to help him build a new barn. The right kind of neighbors to have.

Mr Cally Rouse is building a house on the site of the old school in Camden, which he recently purchased from WE Robertson.

The Hayes-Lucas lumber yard in Marshall was taken over by Ross Lumber this week, and the stock was taken over by Ross and Youmans yards. Mr. Charles H. Ross was here this week to oversee the transfer, and Auditor Gray was a very busy man. Mr. George Anton, the efficient agent of the Marshall Yard, is about to go to his own Yard, and his successor, Mr. CR Weiler, of Nicolett, has arrived and is busy getting the lay of the land and the blow of the ropes. The consolidation of the lumberyards is a good decision, because three of these institutions were too much for the limited territory.

The photograph featured this week in the collection of the Lyon County Museum is of the Hayes-Lucas lumber yard in Marshall. The photograph was taken in 1901.

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