Oneida County Agricultural Bureau Celebrates Agricultural Literacy Week


Each year, classrooms and libraries across the state highlight agriculture with Agricultural Literacy Week.

Now in its 18th year, Farm Literacy Week, which was celebrated March 21-25 this year, helps children in kindergarten through grade three learn about where their food comes from by introducing them to a pre-selected agriculture-themed book that is read to classrooms.

Volunteers carried this message to children in Oneida County, introducing many of them to the importance of farming by reading this year’s book, “Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table.”

Written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and illustrated by Eric-Shabazz Larkin, the story features Will Allen, who is no ordinary farmer. A former basketball star, he’s as tall as his truck and can hold a cabbage or a basketball in one hand.

But what’s most special about Farmer Will is that he can see what others can’t. When he looked at an abandoned urban lot, he saw a huge table, big enough to feed the whole world. No space, no problem. Poor land, there is a solution. Need help, I found.

Farmer Will is a problem-solving genius with the story showcasing the unique diversity of farming operations, especially applicable to New York’s combination of rural, suburban, and urban landscapes.

Agriculture is a unifying factor for all communities. Whether you have 100 acres or a roof, there are opportunities to grow food and share the journey from soil to table with those around you, as illustrated in Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table, according to the announcement. from the Oneida County Farm Bureau. This book will take students on an exploratory journey as they learn about community gardens and inspire them to build communities through food, even if they only have a pot on their porch to grow, the office adds.

The Oneida County Agricultural Bureau was able to purchase the books that were read to students, which were then distributed to classrooms and school libraries. Additionally, copies have been purchased for distribution to 21 public libraries in Oneida County so all can experience and join Will Allen’s optimism and determination to bring good food to every table.


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