Opportunity for sheep farmers to get the most out of their flocks


A farm in Carmarthenshire will host a Farming Connect event focusing on herd and forage management.

Joining the event is Lesley Stubbings, Sheep Consultant, who will discuss the importance of monitoring flock performance, the change in flock management at Glanmynys Demonstration Farm and review annual performance data.

HCC will also join us to discuss their Welsh Lamb Meat Quality project of which Glanmynys is a part, as well as Francis Dunne, Field Options, who will discuss next year’s reseeding and forage crop options.

Glanmynys, near Llandovery, is part of the Farming Connect Demonstration network, which works on maximizing live weight gain from forage, correcting micronutrient deficiencies in soils, using EID to monitoring livestock performance and studying the value of growing forage crops as a breakout crop.

The site is a 202-hectare cattle and sheep farm operated by farm owner Carine Kidd and her farming partner, Peredur Owen.

The farm is home to a flock of 700 Welsh and Aberfield x Welsh ewes, with the majority lambing outdoors between April 1 and May 1. A herd of 25 suckler cows, mostly Simmental crosses, calve in the spring and fall, but numbers will be reduced. this summer to develop growing sheep and beef businesses.

The calves are sold directly on the farm or on cattle markets. The company breeds 40 Aberdeen Angus yearlings.

To reserve your place, register here before 11am on Thursday 11 August, or for more information contact [email protected]


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