‘Pony pantomime’ offers a unique twist to Cinderella’s story at World Horse Welfare Penny Farm

The Christmas Fair at World Horse Welfare Penny Farm

A glass horseshoe was more suitable for the actors who appeared at the Blackpool Charity Christmas Fair on Sunday.

The festive event was the first at the Horse Rescue and Reception Center since Christmas 2019 and welcomed around 700 visitors throughout the day.

The staff and ponies gave the audience a special performance, featuring center mascot Yasmin as Cinderella, led on stage by eight-year-old Beth Penrice. There were also donkey rides, Christmas craft stalls, and plenty of festive goodies for sale in the centre’s newly renovated café.

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The Christmas Fair at World Horse Welfare Penny Farm

Penny Farm Visitors Agent Zoe Clifford said: “We raised £ 2,500 through the event which will really help us take care of the ponies in our care during the winter months – we are truly grateful to the residents of Fylde who have come today to show their Support.

“The rescue and repatriation side of what we do has continued throughout the pandemic, however, we have missed our visitors so it’s great to get back on track. “

Penny Farm celebrated its 20th anniversary in June this year, when it was hoped it would reopen to the public with a full rotation of summer events – however, an increase in the number of Covid-19s has meant plans had to be canceled.

The Christmas Fair at World Horse Welfare Penny Farm

“We were hoping we could have had a lot of events to celebrate, but now we’re planning for 2022 to make our 21st anniversary a real must-see,” Zoe said.

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