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Thousands of Duval County voters received letters in the post saying they must update their voting records if they want to request an absentee ballot by going online or calling the election office.

The new requirement does not affect their status as registered voters, but a number of local voters, particularly older people, are expressing concern over the changes.

Catherine Hobbs



A letter informing voters of recent legislative changes


  • mike binderFaculty Director, Public Opinion Research Lab, University of North Florida.
  • Jessica HusmanEditorial Director, Votebeat.

Operation New Uniform

Local veterans leaving deployment often face the challenge of finding employment once they leave the service.

A local organization, Operation New Uniform, provides free help and support to veterans and their spouses in securing employment. The UN has training coming up on the First Coast.

Guest: Michelle McManamonFounder and CEO, Operation New Uniform.

Fentanyl overdoses

The Drug Enforcement Administration issued a public safety alert last week warning communities in Florida of the increase in mass overdose events across the state suspected of being linked to drug supplies containing a synthetic opioid.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said she wants President Joe Biden to declare fentanyl a “weapon of mass destruction.”

Guest: Dr. Christine Cauffield, CEO, LSF health systems in Jacksonville.

whats good wednesday

  • Dr Benjamin Harveya graduate of Wolfson High School, is the founder of AI squareda new artificial intelligence start-up that raised $6 million in a funding round with two venture capital firms.
  • Melissa Anne Matz, a math teacher from Jacksonville, Clay County, was honored for her outstanding teaching skills, student relationships and leadership ability. Matz is Florida Teacher of the Year for 2023. As Teacher of the Year, she receives $20,000 and a tuition waiver for a graduate degree. She leads the math department at Lakeside Junior High School, teaching seventh graders the basics of math.
  • Local author JS Farmer’s new book “Blue Sky Gone” is a historical 9/11 fiction book that follows the lives of two sisters before and after the catastrophic event.
  • open table, an online restaurant reservation service and rating app, named a St. Augustine restaurant one of the Top 100 Restaurants for Outdoor Dining in 2022. Raintree Restaurant & Steakhouse is nationally recognized and internationally for more than 33 years. Enjoy a selection of the finest dishes, from steak and lamb and fresh seafood to their famous crepes and brunch menu. There is something to satisfy everyone’s palette.
  • The first annual Hometown Hero Tour Saturday will honor retired Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer Lonnie Mills, who was paralyzed after a car accident. Honoring Mills and injured first responders and vets will begin and end at Adamec Harley.
  • This Friday, Orleans, Firefall and Pure Prairie League will perform at the Florida Theatre.


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