Prime Minister Scott Morrison confronted by angry punter during visit to Edgeworth Tavern | Lithgow Mercury


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As many patrons of a pub in the NSW Hunter area welcomed the Prime Minister’s surprise visit on Wednesday evening, one punter took the opportunity to air his grievances. In a public confrontation with Scott Morrison, littered with profanity, the man expressed outrage over his pension, among other issues, at the Edgeworth Tavern in Greater Newcastle. “Listen to me for a change. You can have a million dollar house, $250,000 in the bank and postage credits, but a disabled pensioner cannot have an income,” the man told the Prime Minister. “You also served as Minister for Immigration. I have a partner I have been with for six and a half years and I have the right as an Australian to choose who my partner should be.” twice and won each time. It was 14 months ago. Why can’t I have a partner? “You know another promise you made. You were gonna get an integrity commission. “You better f—— g do something. I’m sick of your b——t. Telling the man he had ‘raised some very important issues’, Mr Morrison offered to sit down with the pensioner and ‘get to the bottom’ of his concerns. Another boss, John Livingstone , was one of two regulars in the tavern to have his beer served by the prime minister.After witnessing the confrontation, Mr Livingstone said he understood people had their concerns, but that they should ‘have a little respect.’ The 41-year-old farmer and carpenter, who has lived around Newcastle all his life, praised Mr Morrison’s leadership during the pandemic, but said it was time for the government to ‘get out of our lives “. “Telling us where to go, what to do, how to get vaccinated, how to send our kids to school, when to put masks on. Just stay out of our lives.” Opinions were mixed regarding Mr Morrison’s character at the While Luke Rossington said it was good to see the Prime Minister at Edgeworth and ‘out of his comfort zone’, he finds Mr Morrison ‘untrustworthy’. “We’ve had a lot of ups and downs down with natural disasters and all that and he’s just never been there,” Mr Rossington said Wednesday night – found Mr Morrison “approachable”. did a good job,” Ms. Pietraszek said. “The government is facing a difficult situation in balancing Hunter jobs. and climate which I think are two big issues ahead of the election.”




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