Punjab government to buy maize, bajra and other crops from MSP: CM Bhagwant Mann


Satoj (Sangrur): Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann announced on Tuesday that his government would buy maize, bajra, sunflower and moong crops from the MSP, encouraging farmers to adopt less water-consuming options as an alternative to paddy in the wake of rapid groundwater depletion.

Currently, farmers in the state are granted a minimum support price (MSP) for only wheat and paddy crops and the government also purchases only these two crops. The other crops are purchased by private traders.

“Our government will purchase maize, sunflower, moong and bajra crops from the MSP and at the government’s own expense. Even if we have to sell these crops to any country, we will not let the farmers suffer,” Mann said while addressing a gathering of farmers from his home village Satoj in Sangrur.

Mann was in Satoj to promote direct seeding of rice (DSR) in the upcoming kharif season. Punjab Finance Minister, Harpal Singh Cheema and Member of Parliament, Sunam, Aman Arora were also present on the occasion.

In the DSR technique, the seeds are sown directly in the field rather than transplanting the seedlings.

The state government has already announced that it will provide financial assistance of 1,500 per acre to each farmer if he adopts DSR technique, which reduces water use in paddy cultivation.

‘Satoj must lead by example using DSR’

Calling on the farmers of Satoj, Mann said they should set an example for all of Punjab by sowing paddy on maximum area with DSR method.

Mann said it is the need of the hour that our farmers need to switch from traditional paddy transplanting to the advanced technology of DSR.

“Try it first and then you tell your loved ones about it. Only by doing this can we leave water for the next generation.

Otherwise, only the name Punjab will remain. The water in the river has been contaminated and groundwater is running low. We have to save Punjab water, drinking water, river water and groundwater,” Mann said.

The CM also assured farmers that during their government’s tenure, they will get top quality fertilizers and pesticides.

The government will take over the supply of coal from the allocated mine

Meanwhile, Bhagwant Mann said there would be no shortage of electricity supply as their government would resume coal mining from the Punjab-attributed mine in Jharkhand, which had been closed since 2015.

“I will open this mine this month to ensure a steady supply of coal,” Mann said.


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