Regal Springs steps up tilapia farming technology


The two companies this week confirmed their long-term strategic collaboration to achieve intelligent and efficient automation of Regal Springs’ tilapia farming operations, which take place in net pens in Indonesia, Honduras and Mexico.

Based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced algorithms, the projects encompass data management and modeling, business intelligence, real-time data collection and the latest smart devices and equipment – such as data-reading camera tracking systems – and have been successful. applied to more established species in marine environments.

Regal Springs aims to be the first company to introduce these advanced technologies to inland tilapia farming.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with Regal Springs’ strategy for environmental, social and economic (ESG) sustainability and is a cornerstone of our passionate commitment to the blue food movement. As we create a sustainable fish farming industry for the future, we need to embrace cutting-edge technology, so we can farm fish more efficiently and sustainably, while continuing to protect our waters, now and in the future. We are thrilled to collaborate with such an enterprising and innovative partner as aquaManager, and as pioneers of the blue food movement, to create the fish farms of tomorrow,” Regal Springs CEO Alois Hofbauer said in a statement. Press release.

“We have worked with Regal Springs for many years and have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with them. We view Regal Springs as a visionary company, always eager to innovate in an industry that thrives on improving sustainability efforts. We look forward to many happy years of working together, to turn the dream of automated fish farming into reality with a high degree of predictability,” said Kostas Seferis, founder of aquaManager.


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