SCSU receives $ 10 million grant over 5 years for agricultural sustainability research


By: Nyah Adams / Chief Information Officer

St. Cloud State University is doing its part in reducing greenhouse gases in agriculture by encouraging farmers to switch to more environmentally and climate-friendly forms of agriculture.

Ann Finan, professor of sociology at St. Cloud State, examines the barriers that prevent farmers from adopting perennial fodder systems and how those barriers vary based on social characteristics such as gender, class, race, ethnicity and culture.

Finan said, “This grant gives our students the opportunity to see this process of applied social science research firsthand. “” We expect our faculty and students to be involved not only in the data collection process, but also in the analysis, presentation and publication around this project for several years to come. “

The objectives are to have an impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, to encourage farmers to switch to more environmentally and climate-friendly systems and to integrate the needs of ‘a wide range of farmers, including farmers of color, women farmers and economically disadvantaged farmers. to help them benefit from the transition to more sustainable forms of agriculture.

The project involves a diverse and transdisciplinary team of more than 50 researchers and stakeholders from 23 universities, two USDA agricultural research service centers, as well as 12 farmer organizations, industry groups, non-governmental organizations and government agencies.

The grant that began this fall seeks to connect with farm organizations, especially those that serve farmers in Native American, Hmong, and African American and African immigrant communities. Farm groups interested in the project can contact Finan at [email protected] to find out how they can get involved.


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