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In 2012 there was a career change that made me think hard about what was important and what my next step would be. Being married with two young daughters at the time, I decided to do something temporary that would keep me close to home while providing me with some extra income. Thus, Seed Time Harvest Farms was born.

Entrepreneurship runs in my blood, and it was hard to sit still and wait for the next job opportunity – so I created one.

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Everyone loves to eat, and with the abundance of food I found growing in my community, there was a strong incentive to make the connection between the food that was lost in the fields and the consumers who wanted the have in their kitchens.

The consumers were moms like me who wanted to provide their families with the best food possible, but who juggle too many balls to think about that extra step of bringing those farm-fresh produce into their kitchens, let alone cooking them once. once arrived there.

Together the farmers and I found a niche and filled it.

We started by reaching out to families we knew, and through social media explosions, we found a few families we could serve by bringing them a selection of produce grown in our area. While mums were most of our attendees, we also had a few gentlemen ordering in regularly.

Green cabbage and mustard leaves, Monticello,.

Boot Time Solutions

We have taken a liking to the concept of Seed Time Harvest Farms and each harvest season we again offer these items found in the farmer’s field to our neighbors, friends and family. Every season we find ourselves with repeaters and many new customers.

Seed Time Harvest Farms, located in Monticello, Florida, is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), made up of many farmers, who identified a community need, assessed that need, and developed a solution that works season after season. While my immediate family owns a 14 acre property where we grow some of the produce we supply, most of it comes from other farms.

As a collective, we are fortunate to work with wonderful small and medium-sized farms throughout the Big Bend and South Georgia area that produce more than enough produce to meet local needs.

The challenge was (and remains) how do our small farmers distribute and sell their fresh produce to more people in a way that allows them to compete with the “big guys” while making a profit?

Kiona and Chris Wagner, Rocky Soil Family Farm, Monticello.

Locally grown, locally delivered

Seed Time Harvest Farms is one of the links between eating to fill and eating to nourish. A lot of research and information has been published that indicates that many of today’s health issues are related to our diet.

Eating more locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables gives us access to a healthy selection of items that arrive fresher and with higher nutritional value than what is available at the grocery store, in addition to eliminating the environmental impact resulting from foods that travel long distances.

This year we launched our website,, which allows you to purchase not only our monthly or seasonal subscription, but also a few special items on an ongoing basis.

For now, our monthly subscription gives you two fortnightly deliveries and our seasonal subscription gives you six deliveries. There is also our “Hit Me 1 Time” bag which allows you to test our services to see if it works for you.

If you have to skip a week, we’ll catch you in the next round. We have enough farmers in our cohort to continue several weeks beyond our segments. In fact, we plan to go all year round this year.

Support farmers

We cannot do this work without also supporting our contributing farmers. By making recommendations for alternative items to grow, best farming practices, soil amendments, and farm finance assistance, we work with others to make this happen for our farmers as well.

When you support Seed Time Harvest Farms, you are supporting a group of local farmers in Madison, Leon, Jefferson, and Gadsden counties and South Georgia. We appreciate those of you who do.

The farms we work closely with are Rocky Soil Family Farms, Seven Hills of Thomasville, Parkway Farms, Bradley Farms, Mike Brown Farms in Gadsden, Barnhart Farms (whole family) and Legacy Greens to name a few- one. Seed Time Harvest Farms itself has fruit trees and other items grown in the ground and in growing towers that glow in the night, illuminating the I-10 hallway.

As we continue to grow and expand, we hope you’ll join the food movement of eating fresh and local. Our next step will be “Cooking with Fresh Food” sessions that will be conducted around Tallahassee. The focus is on recovering the family table. Watch for announcements. Visit us on Facebook.

Cetta Barnhart

Cetta Barnhart is the founder and owner of Seed Time Harvest Farms and an agricultural business consultant. She can be contacted at [email protected] This is a Greening Our Community article, an initiative of Sustainable Tallahassee.

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