South Korean company in talks with Qatar and GCC firms on vertical farming, official says


A South Korean food manufacturer is currently in discussions with potential companies in Qatar and its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) neighbors who have expressed interest in its automated vertical farming technology.
Nongshim is South Korea’s leading maker of instant noodles and snacks, and a global name in the food and beverage market, according to YJ Bae, director of Nongshim.
He said, “Nongshim is a conglomerate with all the essential subsidiaries to be the leader in its field. By identifying the key elements, Nongshim is making vertical farming less human and easier to maintain through its subsidiary, Nongshim Engineering.
As Qatar moves towards establishing vertical farms, Nongshim is keen to play a key role in providing vertical farming technologies to interested entities, as well as training personnel, Bae pointed out.
“In the near future and with good collaboration with local entities, a training center could be created to meet the education and training needs of the inhabitants of the region.
“Our training is delivered on-site with real professionals to help trainees experience the day-to-day operational experience needed to successfully run a vertical farm. We have an exclusive program where you will have to pass the qualifications to be a certified Nongshim vertical farmer,” Bae explained.
He said, “While everyone is talking about vertical farming and its benefits, at Nongshim, in cooperation with Star Farm Enterprise in the United States, we would like to provide education and training to help find talent and certifying them to be key players in any vertical farms that would be set up in Qatar, the Middle East or anywhere in the world.
Bae noted that the talks with Qatari and GCC companies follow talks held during the “9th Qatar International Agriculture and Environmental Expo (Agritech and Envirotech) 2022”, where several Qatari officials have asked their South Korean counterparts to support Qatar in terms of advanced vertical farming technology.
Earlier, Bae told the Gulf Times that agriculture was among the main topics of the meeting between HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani, and the South Korean Prime Minister. Kim Boo-kyum in Doha in March this year. .
“Currently, this program will be launched for Nongshim customers while waiting for their vertical farms to be ready. Nongshim is part of a consortium that was awarded the first smart farm project in Oman by the government’s smart farm initiative,” Bae noted.


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