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Hyderabad: In an innovative initiative, graduate students Siddipet are introduced to agriculture. Students are taught about the returns they can achieve in agriculture by adopting modern methods, techniques, and best practices.
The monthly income could also reach Rs 50,000, especially in the cultivation of mulberry. Farming lessons, best practices and options are presented to students by successful farmers.
“Farmers also show the receipts of the investment they made and the income they got. Through this, students open up to the idea of ​​agriculture and don’t dismiss it as something that might not be theirs,” said an agricultural extension officer (AEO) Nagarjun Talare.
A meeting was organized at Rythu Vedika in Dubba where, in a one-day workshop for students, farmers shared their experiences and how the adoption of improved agricultural practices has changed their economic conditions, said the AEO. This workshop was intended for market gardening. The students were then introduced to the sericulture farmers also last week.
Since district and rural student families may own agricultural land, they are introduced to modern techniques and practices so that they can use their land to their advantage. “Students may want to further their education and have different career plans, but being a farmer also pays well,” the AEO said.
A memorandum of understanding was signed by the agents of agriculture with the Government College in Siddipet to educate students about agriculture and its benefits.


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