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Sunday morning? If you had asked me three years ago, I would have got up at 1pm, then straight to the pub to drink all day with friends. Since Covid, I have had a new dawn. Now I’m in a fancy farmers market at 10 a.m. for a wrap of fresh coconut and natural food. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the pub. I’m just trying to be more balanced.

Are you working? Music is a 24 hour affair for me; it doesn’t stop on weekends. The other week we did a live session at Abbey Road Studios. It was quite the last minute, so I spent my entire Sunday rehearsing. I like to make music whenever the world is calm, including Sundays. I can just lock the sound, without interruption.

How do you relax Watching movies, either at the cinema or on my projector at home. Apart from music, it is to the cinema that I turn to relax. And with the food: I’m a vegetarian these days, I try to eat healthier. Growing up it was always a roast chicken, but now you’ll probably find me munching on a beetroot wellington.

Are you exercising? Once again, confinement changed me. I stopped playing football at 16 and didn’t exercise until Covid. I can’t stand running, so I started taking daily techno walks: heavy old-fashioned tunes in my ears, I walk briskly to the beat of the music. There was a point last summer where I had shaved, had a strong mustache, and had a lot of sweat – I looked like Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting.

Sundays growing up? I went to Catholic school like most kids in Ireland, but we weren’t religious – the church was for weddings, funerals and Christmas. I remember mostly Irish TV. We only had four channels – there were cowboy movies dubbed into Gaelic and a lot of weird reruns from the 1970s.

Sunday evenings? I used to go out raving on Sunday nights – that’s when some of the best underground spots were open. They tended to be pretty good, from what I remember. Now you will probably find me in one of the Irish nightlife pubs in London. If I can face the start of the week feeling annoying, why should Monday morning stop me?

Maverick Saber’s new album, “Don’t Forget To Look Up,” is out January 28, and his UK + IRE tour begins February 17.


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