The 10 Best Stardew Valley Characters


Stardew Valley may focus primarily on the act of farming, but to propel the narrative forward players must interact with the multitude of characters that call Pelican Town home. This turns retro-style simulation gaming into a thoughtful and heartwarming gaming experience. Without the small town characters, players could easily get carried away with just earning money.

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At the start of the game, the biggest task players face is completing the community center, granting their neighbors’ wishes to renovate the building into a hub for the town’s humble economy. Sure, there’s something inherently satisfying about collecting items to reap rewards, but as months of play progress players will likely find more motivation to appease their favorite townsfolk.

ten Evelyn is Pelican Town’s grandmother

Evelyn is one of the few Stardew Valley characters completely open to the new farmer in town. She even makes sure to tell the player that he can call her “Granny” if he wants. Players will often find her happily tending to flowers in town or baking cookies at her home.

Evelyn lives with her grumpy husband, George, and athletic grandson, Alex. On Evelyn’s bedside table, players can find and read a tender letter from her daughter and Alex’s deceased mother, Clara. Evelyn is a kind and caring soul, even reminiscing with her grandfather’s player.

9 Leah is a strong performer who needs a boost of confidence

An introverted artist, Leah is one of twelve NPCs eligible for marriage in Stardew Valley. She is down-to-earth and talented, often discussing her plans and worldview with the player, but tends to lack the confidence to share her works with others.

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In her heart, Leah is incredibly strong. She left the big city and an unhealthy relationship to pursue her creative dreams, somewhat similar to the gamer’s backstory. Due to her love of driftwood which she uses for her carvings and foraged food, Leah is fairly straightforward to contact early in the game, easily making her a likely first friend.

8 Krobus makes for a friendly roommate

Players won’t be able to encounter the friendly monster Krobus until they find the rusty key to the city sewers. Krobus is cautious at first, fearful of humans due to “too many unpleasant encounters”. His little shop is always open, where this cute creature sells particularly useful items, both for the beginning and the end of the game.

Krobus can taste a bit pricey. He does, however, have a soft spot for wild horseradish, which is easy to get when foraging in the spring. Players might be sad to learn that Krobus is unavailable to marry, but he may be invited to live on the farm as a creepy housemate. The grind of gifts is definitely worth it.

seven Robin offers advantageous offers

Robin, the local carpenter, is one of the first characters the player encounters in Pelican Town and is very important to the success of every farmer in Stardew Valley. Without Robin, players wouldn’t be able to upgrade their farm or construct fundamental buildings like silos, fish ponds, chicken coops, and barns.

Although at the start of the game it can be difficult to gather the materials and funds to have Robin build something, once players establish several reliable sources of income, Robin’s prices start to seem extraordinarily cheap. . She will work non-stop to complete a project, even hammering through the night and the rain.

6 Linus is one with the valley

Linus lives in a tent in the mountainous region of Pelican Town. This wild man is isolated from the rest of Pelican Town, mainly because many of the townspeople judge his way of life, which makes him initially distant towards the player.

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However, once the farmers show Linus that they understand him and have no hard feelings towards him, he is incredibly generous, often offering fish which he catches from the nearby lake. Because of his humility, players can give Linus just about anything and he will be grateful. He is also insightful, sharing his pragmatic wisdom with the player.

5 Willy is a sensible fisherman

This sailor is a simple guy who loves the art of fishing, even giving the player his first fishing rod for free. Willy is more than happy to reward the player for increasing their fishing level, which can happen quite quickly. Fishing is a fantastic way to earn money early in the game, especially when players are waiting for their first harvest of turnips.

Willy has the player’s best interests at heart, happily buying any fish they have caught. He will not tell the villagers who caught the fish if it is of poor quality. If it’s good quality, he’ll be sure to mention the player’s name, putting the new farmer on good terms with the townspeople.

4 Emily shares her spiritual healing

Blue-haired bartender Emily is another of the singles available to marry. She works nights at the Stardrop Saloon, but in her spare time, she enjoys making clothes. In a small town, fabric and fabric are hard to come by, making this the perfect gift for Emily.

Emily is thoughtful and witty, sympathizing with Linus and sharing the healing nature of crystals with the locals. She may be a little wacky, but her charm and calm demeanor make her a breath of fresh air in the valley.

3 Demetrius cares about the ecology of the valley

Robin’s husband, Demetrius, is a dedicated scientist and researcher. He is deeply interested in the flora and fauna of the valley, so players can often find him at the lake taking notes or in his lab conducting experiments.

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He will always ask questions about the farm, showing that he cares about the player and his progress. He cares so much that he asks the player if they would like to make the farm cave a mini mushroom house or a house for fruit bats. Both provide benefits and can help farmers complete the all-important community center.

2 Sam makes the best husband

Single in town, Sam is a skater guitarist who really loves Joja Cola. Not only is he effortlessly charming, but he’s also caring and caring. Ever since Sam’s father, Kent, went off to war, he’s been the man of the house. Players can often find him searching for his little brother Vincent, who sometimes fears for his father’s safety. Fortunately, Sam is there to provide emotional support and reassurance.

If players choose to marry Sam, they will choose one of the best husbands in town. When Sam gives gifts to his wife, he may receive geodes and earth crystals, highly prized items needed for progression in Stardew Valley.

1 Penny wears her heart on her sleeve

This bookworm lives in a trailer by the river with his mother Pam. Pam struggles with an addiction to alcohol, having lost her job as a bus driver. This means Penny has to take over, often found tidying up the trailer and tutoring the local kids, Jas and Vincent. She even walks them home every day and takes them to the park on Saturdays.

As the friendship level increases, Penny will confide in the player about her struggles, but will easily become shy to speak up. Despite her terrible cooking at the start of the game, as a wife she becomes an avid cook, helping players regain their energy for farming chores.


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