The agricultural sector has experienced strong growth, according to Kannababu


Vijayawada: Reiterating that the state government is committed to protecting the welfare of farmers, Agriculture Minister Kurasala Kannababu said Andhra Pradesh came first in the ranking of the Good Governance Index in agriculture and related sectors with a growth rate of 11.3% between 2019-21.

Speaking to the media at the YSRCP central office in Tadepalli on Monday, the minister said the state government is helping farmers to provide seeds for the purchase of agricultural products and the rate of agricultural growth of Andhra Pradesh was higher than that of other states.

He said the state’s growth rate was only 6.3% in 2017-2019, but with the efforts of the chief minister, it rose to 11.3%, becoming a model for other states. While the growth of horticultural production is 12.3% against only 4.7% under the previous government, milk production has set a new record at 11.7% against 1.4% previously, the government of the State having concluded a pact with Amul and launched the Palavelluva program. Likewise, the growth of meat production reached 10.3 percent from minus 6.7 percent, while the implementation of crop insurance grew by 26.1 percent.

Kannababu said the state government has prioritized the agricultural sector and implemented various programs such as Rythu Bharosa, free crop insurance, zero interest loans to support farmers in all phases.

The government credited 19,813 crore rupees directly to farmers’ accounts in the last 30 months under Rythu Bharosa, benefiting over 50.58 lakh farmers. He said the whole country is showing interest in the RBK model, which helps farmers from seed to sale, and so far more than 158 RBKs have been launched, including in urban areas, giving a boost to urban farmers.

The agriculture minister said the state government had procured seven other crops in addition to those purchased by the Center, and added that more than 36,000 crore of paddy rice had been purchased so far. over the past three years.

He recalled that the previous TDP government completely neglected agriculture and related sectors and even left arrears of thousands of crore, which are now being cleared by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

He said the government is also taking strict measures for quality control by establishing agricultural testing laboratories, where cases are recorded for the sale of fake seeds and fake fertilizers. He criticized opposition leader N Chandrababu Naidu for allegedly misleading farmers by spreading “false information” against the government.

He said it was Naidu who neglected agriculture during his reign and shed crocodile tears for farmers to gain political ground. He said the opposition had deteriorated by resorting to “cheap politics”.


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