The Cauvery Calling movement organizes a mega seminar on arboriculture in Trichy

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Cauvery Calling, a movement to help farmers plant 242 crore trees and revitalize Cauvery, will hold a mega tree-growing seminar in Trichy on September 18. Thanks to the dedicated grassroots work of the Cauvery Calling Movement, farmers in Tamil Nadu are increasingly interested in implementing “tree-based agriculture”. Organized in this context, the seminar will provide appropriate guidance to tree farmers.

Speaking at a press conference regarding the mega-seminar, Cauvery Calling Movement field coordinator Shri. Tamilamaran told reporters, “We promote tree-based agriculture to improve farmers’ economy while protecting the environment. This was welcomed by farmers in Tamil Nadu. Our field agents visit farmers in each district and offer free consultations. In addition, we regularly hold seminars and on-the-job training at the farms of pioneer farmers who farm profitably using this method. »

The seminar will take place in Koppampatti in the Thuraiyur taluk of Trichy district. It will see pioneer farmers, who have successfully and profitably adopted tree farming, as well as agricultural experts from various districts participate and give advice to farmers.

The roster of experts addressing the events includes Dr. Mayavel, a scientist from the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Improvement (IFGTB), who will discuss the “admirable earnings in neem farming”. Retired Associate Director of the Institute of Agriculture, Dr. Haridas, will explain how jackfruit trees can bring in big money.

In addition, Karaikudi’s teacher, Mr. Raman, will speak on the theme “Rain is enough – a wonderful forest on 60 acres of land” while Mr. Thirumalai will speak on “Black gold in the black palm (pepper).

A pioneering agroforestry farmer, Mr Duraiswamy from Palladam, will describe his ‘sandalwood trees on 40 acres under 4 layers of protection’. Other pioneer farmers who grow teak, bulbous teak, mahogany and bangai will share their experiences.

The seminar is held on the farm of Dr. Duraisamy, owner of the agricultural forest called ‘Little Ooty’, which has more than 1 lakh of different types of trees. Farmers participating in the mega-seminar will also have the opportunity to visit the huge agro-forest.

Farmers wishing to attend this seminar can contact 94425 90079, 94425 90081 to register. The seminar will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cauvery Calling is a field demonstration of the river revitalization model proposed by the Rally for Rivers (RfR) campaign launched by Sadhguru in 2017. It aims to revitalize the Cauvery River and the soil of the river basin and improve the economy farmers. with the environment. A total of 242 crores of trees will be planted on private farmland in the Cauvery River Basin over the next 12 years to achieve these goals.

A total of 2.1 crores of saplings have been planted so far in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Karnataka and 1.25 lakh farmers have adopted the tree farming model, promoted by Cauvery Calling. Nearly 70,000 farmers have reported a substantial increase in income – between 3 and 8 times – since adopting the tree growing model.

The Cauvery Calling team regularly carry out planting campaigns across Tamil Nadu. The campaigns are organized to commemorate the birthdays and memorial days of some of the state’s best-known agricultural scientists and environmental leaders, including Shri. Nammazhvar, Shri. Nel Jayaraman and Shri. Maram Thangaswamy.

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