The Center for the Environment shares sustainable living tips with the Westminster College community


NEW WILMINGTOWN, Pa. (WKBN) — A group came to Westminster College on Saturday to educate people about more sustainable lifestyles.

The Center for the Environment hosted a Tips for Sustainable Living event at the Farmers Market. The group’s goal is to educate on ways to integrate reduce, reuse, and recycle into everyday life.

“There are many critical issues facing our planet right now, so I think it’s important for people to be aware of what those issues are,” says Helen Boylen, director of the Center for the Environment.

One of the group’s missions is to connect people with each other and with the outside world.

Boylen also says it’s important to work together to tackle environmental issues.

“This planet is there for all of us, regardless of your political views,” Boylen says.

Claire Mock, a student at Westminster and an environmental science major, also shared her knowledge at the event. She says young people are important for the future of the planet.

“It’s the only planet we have. It’s our only home, and if we don’t do what we can do now to save it, we’re going to lose it,” Mock says.

The Center for the Environment suggests finding ways to support sustainable lifestyles, like buying at farmers’ markets and supporting the community


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