The farmer went to break the chilgoza with a hydrogen balloon in China, had no luck for two days, reached 320 km in flight

Beijing: A surprising case has been revealed in China. Despite spending two days in a hydrogen balloon here, one person was found safe. He used a large hydrogen balloon to crack the chilgoza off the tree. A man named Hu was on a balloon in a forest park in Heilongjiang province, and was accompanied by an accomplice. But in the meantime, the balloon lost control, after which it reached a distance of about 320 km in flight. Meanwhile, the companion managed to safely jump off the ball.

The second person immediately informed everyone, after which the search for Hu began. State media reported that rescuers were able to contact Hu by phone the next morning and give him instructions on how to slowly lower the balloon. According to state media CCTV, he was able to land in the Fangzheng area, near the Russian border. Yet he is safe. He complains of lower back pain from standing all the time.
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gave up hope of survival
An official confirmed that Hu was around 40 years old. It has also been confirmed that such an incident occurred. This incident happened during the Chilgoza break. Chilgoza is used in northern Chinese cuisine. He said Hu had been admitted to the hospital. There he continues his treatment. In a conversation with CCTV, Hu said, “I had given up hope of being alive. Thanks to the rescue team, otherwise I would not have survived. Hu reported that he was extremely cold and hungry.
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Many incidents have already occurred
The Chilgoza grow up to 20 meters tall. The use of hydrogen and helium balloons to break up chilgozas has become common in China over the years. A similar incident happened in 2019 when a man’s ball went as far as 10km breaking the chilgoza. He had saved his life by jumping. However, he was later arrested for violating aviation rules. At the same time, in 2017, one person went missing in such an incident near the North Korean border.


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