The Glendon Derby turns 31 this weekend


Cars, trucks, food — and that’s just the tip of the bog in this year’s Glendon Derby.

The Glendon Ag Society’s signature event is gearing up for Saturday in the village and they are hoping for record crowds for this year’s event, especially as it is the first since 2019.

“It’s so cool to see the generosity of so many companies and so many people who volunteer their time to make this event special,” said Ag Society President Ken Pshyk. “WWe have to thank the Village of Glendon for allowing us to use these lands again. Here are the grounds of the village of Glendon. Thank you very much for allowing us to do this.

“This is the Glendon Ag Society’s biggest fundraising event and every dollar goes towards improving our hall and arena. So the company does it, there are a lot of different things, but the rooms are the most important things that we try to make money for. We just renovated the lobby floor for just under $80,000. These fundraising events are very, very important. We have some of the lowest hall and arena rentals in the area,” he said.

This is a full day event at Glendon that starts very early.

At 8:00 a.m., guests can enjoy a pancake breakfast at Senior’s Hall, which is when the Farmer’s Market begins and continues until noon.

The parade begins at 10:30 a.m. with sweets for the youngest, several parade floats and many participating cars and trucks. After the parade, the firefighters will have burgers on the barbecue.

The derby grounds open at 11:00 a.m. with the driver auction to follow at 12:30 p.m.

“Cars and Trucks – you can bid on who you think will win the total event. So if I think truck number 007 is going to win I’m going to bid on it and the winning bidder if that truck wins you get half the pot. So half goes to you, half goes to the Ag Society,” Psyhk said.

“Then we start the derby right after that.”

Presented as a half-time show, Kehewin Native Dance Theater will perform halfway through the event. Plus, there’s a static monster truck display for the kids.

The action takes place just two miles north on Highway 882. Pets are prohibited on site and spectators are reminded to bring a lawn chair and hearing protection or different clothing if you are sitting near the mud.

“I have been here for many years. That’s exciting. We had trucks upside down. We had cars upside down. They return them and they continue again.

We are looking for record crowds. Long-term forecasts are supposed to be really, really good. So come on come on bring your family and let’s have a good time,” Psyhk said.

There are different admission prices depending on age. A family pass is $60, while adults 18 and older are $20, youth 11-17 are $10, children 6-10 are $5, and younger ones are free.


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