The Ikpako-Ajoki Road of Promise and Development


A 16.7 km collaborative road project powered by the Edo State Government, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited and Enageed Resources Limited, an upstream company of the Sahara Group, is set to transform the fortunes of residents of Ikpako and Ajoki communities in Edo State, Nigeria, writes Adibe Emeyonu

You could literally feel the excitement as the men and women of Ajoki and Ajamimogha gathered to savor the long-awaited moment. They were receiving reports from residents who had witnessed the event that marked the start of the Ikpako-Ajoki road. His eyes said it all. They carried a message of hope for a future with a fresh start. They were dispersing bit by bit, still chatting enthusiastically.

It wasn’t hard to share the joy of the moment when you consider how long the road construction project had been in the works. For the beneficiaries, Thursday, February 10, 2022 – the day the road project was finally set in motion – will remain etched in their memory. It was their path to promise and development; the bearer of goodwill for students, entrepreneurs, commerce, farmers, businesses and even users in Nigeria and outside. It would connect people with opportunities, with each journey sparking the ultimate experience that encourages unity, progress, peace and prosperity.

Located in the Ovia North East and Ikpoba-Okha local government areas of the state, the road project passes through several oil and agrarian communities of Obatan, Evbuorokho, Ajoki, Abala, Kolokolo and Ajamokha in the government local from Ovia Nord-Est and Ikpoba-Okha. areas.

Smart Kekene, a retired police officer and chairman of the Ajoki Community Trust, believes that the road project will promote safer mobility for Ajoki indigenous people and reduce the number of water-related accidents in the community. This opinion was shared by the Chairman of the Trust, Ajamogha Community, Bawo Otokpere, who also expressed his delight that the road improves access to health care facilities for women and children in the community.

In the same vein, Happy Biakpa and Esther Kona, community driver and women’s leader in Ajoki respectively, said the road, when completed, will reduce wear and improve the longevity of vehicles that criss-cross the area. as well as the cost of living.

According to Jospeh Omasa, Youth Community Vice President and Ajoki Community Farmer, the road holds great promise for youth empowerment and entrepreneurship – a development that will resolve the restlessness of the community’s youth.

Josiah Fifen- Community Elder, Ajoki Community is delighted that the road makes it easier for elderly people like him to visit their children in nearby towns, unlike using the boat which could be much more stressful and dangerous for people about his age. Talk about connecting people and cementing good memories.

Isaac Ajatiton and Abal Mene, both entrepreneurs, are enthusiastic about the project. They can’t wait for the completion and the boost it would give their business. Otsof Popo – Entrepreneur and President of Ajamimogha Community Youth also believes that the road will create employment opportunities for young people who wish to engage in road transport activities, just as Robinson Otikpere, Ajamimogha Community Secretary, said that the route will particularly benefit young people who wish to reside in the community and work in nearby towns.

Of course, the market economy had to be taken into account in the development. Mrs. Christy Boyo – Market Woman and Woman Leader The Ajamimogha community was excited about the prospects of reducing agricultural losses as the road would ensure quick and easy transportation of their agricultural produce to market.

One of the highlights of the launch ceremony was assurances from the parties involved that the project will be managed by a top notch construction company, while a consultancy firm will provide an additional layer of quality control. to cover all phases of construction and extend after construction. No compromise.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, NNPC Group Managing Director Mele Kyari noted that the purpose behind the construction of the road was to enhance national development, adding that NNPC would continue to support development at across the country.

Sahara Group Executive Director Temitope Shonubi said, “Today we celebrate the dawn of new opportunities and it is also important to note that the road is not just about promoting accessibility, but about uniting people. communities and bring them sustainable development. manner.”

An upstream subsidiary of Sahara Group, Enageed Resource Limited is the arm of the energy conglomerate providing resources for the project in addition to NNPC and the Edo State Government. Shonubi revealed that Sahara, in a bid to increase electricity supply in Ajoki, launched the Rural Electrification Project, an innovative initiative that focuses on providing electricity to the community through gas conversion flared from the flow station into electricity using a Generator.

He said that in addition to a reduction in the amount of flared gas in the environment, a new source of clean energy will be provided, directly powering tens of thousands of beneficiaries, including businesses, hospitals, schools and households in these communities.

“Sahara Group continues to leverage its strong relationships and collaboration with stakeholders to positively impact the communities where we operate and help create ecosystems that support shared prosperity through sustainable interventions,” said- he declared.

Launching the road project, Edo State Governor Mr. Godwin Obaseki said the road project would open up the areas for economic development activities.

He noted, “We are making history not only because we are building another road; we have built so many roads in Edo State, but this road is special. Previously, we used to suffer from the embarrassment of accessing Edo communities from Delta State.

“With this road, we can now access all the Edo communities in this region. This road is going to be an economic road because it connects oil-producing communities. Not just the communities, but the activities that these companies bring. We will probably see a road that will now begin to bring more than just agricultural products. It will also boost oil and gas production. This road is unique in the way we designed it and it gives us hope.

This is a development that showcases the importance of public-private partnerships in fostering economic development. It marks a new beginning for the Ikpako-Ajoki communities and stands out as a model for the nation to see unfold across the country.

Perhaps a good place to end would be Mr. Shonubi’s comment on roads comparable to arteries in the human body.

He said, “Like the most important arteries of the human body, the Ikpako-Ajoki road is set to open up a wealth of opportunity that will connect nearly one million people in the region to new horizons and shared prosperity. In line with our commitment to responsibly bringing energy to life, Sahara Group looks forward to the huge volumes of trade, commerce and sustainable value creation that the road will bring to communities, Edo State and to the nation,” he said.

While economic development and prosperity are on the horizon, the project developers need to ensure the sustainability of the road with adequate provisions for maintenance which also involves community participation.


“We are celebrating the dawn of new opportunities and it is important to also note that the road is not only about promoting accessibility, but about uniting communities and bringing them sustainable development”


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