The left is looking for a farmer to connect with jatra


The AIKS and other front wings of the party sought to revive the tradition of staging jatras to convey socio-political messages to peasants

Snehamoy Chakraborty


Bolpur (Birbhum)

Posted on 11.24.21, 02:17 AM

The Khandaghosh CPM in East Burdwan is trying to get back to basics and rekindle its connection with people through the jatra.

The folk form is very attractive to people, mainly farmers in a district known as the Bengal Rice Bowl. The recent success of the farmers’ movement, which includes CPM-affiliated All-India key player Kisan Sabha, against the Center’s controversial farm laws has given the left new impetus to reach out to Bengal peasants. .

Last week, the Khandaghosh-I regional committee held their party conference which was followed by a jatra. The jatra – Andha golir bandi pakhi (A caged bird in a dark alley) – consisted of two sisters, their lovers, and a corrupt deputy.

Party leaders said the All-India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) and other front-facing wings of the party were seeking to revive the tradition of organizing jatras to deliver socio-political messages to farmers. Long before the Left Front came to power in 1977, the CPM embraced jatras to connect with people. “But the long period in power has led to a gradual detachment from the people,” admitted an AIKS veteran in East Burdwan.

“We’re trying to go back to our tradition of connecting with people. Last week, hundreds of villagers sat for at least four hours to view the jatra, ”said Binod Ghosh, a member of the district committee of the PMO and a member of the state committee of the AIKS.

All the actors were local members of the CPM party such as Sufi Badre Alam, the bloc chairman of the AIKS in Khandaghosh.

“This is our first movement after a long time and we will continue it in East Burdwan. Rehearsals for two more jatras are already underway, ”Ghosh said.

AIKS Secretary of State Amal Haldar welcomed the initiative. “Such initiatives will help us reconnect with farmers,” said Haldar.


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