The Spiritual Significance Of The April 2022 Full Pink Moon In Libra, Explained


April is a special month in astrology, as it is surrounded by two powerful new moons, the latter also being the first solar eclipse of the year. And right in the middle of it all is the April 2022 full moon, which rises on April 16 and serves as the final lunation before the chaos of eclipse season begins. Also traditionally referred to as the Pink Moon, this Pink Full Moon is meant to catalyze harmonious new beginnings in our lives and help us eliminate any imbalance that disrupts our personal flow. Understanding the spiritual significance of the Full Moon April 2022 in Libra can help us make the most of this mystical, rebirth-oriented energy.

At the time of any full moon, the sun and the moon will always be opposite each other in the zodiac. In the case of April, the sun will be in go-getter Aries and the moon in harmony-loving Libra. The tension between this monthly celestial showdown is what gives full moons a reputation for being so emotional, energetic, and intense. While these lunations can certainly make us feel overly dramatic, drained, or filled with feelings, the climaxing and enlightening energy of a full moon can also be used to help us let go of what no longer serves us or see things in a broader perspective. The April 2022 full moon is special in that it is the first full moon of the astrological year, and it runs parallel to unique planetary connections, which makes its spiritual power even greater. powerful.

When we work with the cosmic energy of the Full Moon, we allow ourselves to be more in tune with the natural rhythms of the cosmos. Because it’s the last great lunar moment before eclipse season comes to shake up our destiny, it’s also a great time to focus on balance. Read on for a deep dive into the spiritual meaning of the April 2022 full moon.

What is the spiritual meaning of the pink moon?

“Pink Moon” is a traditional nickname given to the full moons that fall in April, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. This red epithet comes from the widespread blooming of the North American wildflower called pink moss phlox that occurs during this time of year. This aligns perfectly with the spiritual meaning of this full moon, which encourages us to thrive when it comes to goals, social relationships, and more. Other historical names for this moon include Egg Moon and Sprouting Grass Moon, which also refer to symbols of growth and renewal – particularly powerful themes in spring. The April full moon is also the paschal moon, that is to say the full moon which follows the vernal equinox and determines the date of Easter. This further amplifies the rebirth-oriented energy of this lunar moment. As the first full moon of the astrological new year, it’s a powerful time to raise the energy on our current goals and leave the darkness behind to make way for new springtime growth. New beginnings are everywhere.

When exploring the spiritual significance of the April Full Moon, it’s also important to note that it takes place in the bubbly air sign Libra – one of the signs ruled by the romantic planet Venus – it therefore also sheds light on themes related to relationships, balance and social ties. The energy of Aries season can make us stubborn and impulsive, but this Libra lunation will inspire us to find a moment of peace, lean into our closest partnerships, and steady ourselves toward a sense of balance. Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales, so its energy helps us find a harmonious synergy between the extremes. This Libra Full Moon happens to be the midpoint between the Fiery New Moon in Aries which took place in early April and the Solar Eclipse in Taurus which ends the month – and it gives us the opportunity to find our footing and d embrace a sense of inner harmony. This is a time to stand tall in our personal power, but also to surrender to the magic of the universe and all the surprises life has in store for us.

A special aspect known as the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces will also take place alongside April’s pink Moon, and because of this, we’ll likely be looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. This once-in-a-lifetime alignment brings dreamy, abundant vibes to all zodiac signs, and it catalyzes a mystical time of spiritual growth, visionary creative inspiration, and major philosophical awakenings. With this illuminating Full Moon occurring at the height of this transit, it marks a powerful time to tap into our visionary power and embrace expansion. The energy will be ethereal, but with the Full Moon supported by action-oriented Mars and business-oriented Saturn, there is scope for building our most fantastical visions in the real world.

How to work with the energy of the pink full moon

In addition to the Pisces union of lucky Jupiter and illusory Neptune, the amorous planets Venus and Mars are also in the watery sign Pisces at the time of this full moon, together forming a powerful Pisces stellium that casts a watery mist and pink on Aries season. The emotional nature of the current cosmic range underscores the importance of embracing our feelings and intuition – and working with the water element in our lunar rituals can help us do just that. Taking a cleansing moon bath, gazing into a bowl of water for a searching meditation, or simply putting water to charge under the light of the full moon are great ways to align with the spiritual meaning of this full moon.

If you are interested in doing manifestation-related rituals to support your personal intentions, the Pink Moon – aided by the energy focused on expanding the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction – can help you visualize your larger goals and connect with your aspirations on a spiritual level. level. Keep in mind that we will enter the chaotic portal of eclipse season shortly after this full moon, which is notoriously an inopportune time for lunar rituals, so this is our last solid chance to use the moon for manifestation. by the end of May. Enjoy the unique magic of the pink moon and allow your rosiest dreams to blossom.


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