Tribute to Idaho Agriculture: Patrick Farms


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – Patrick Farms in West Twin Falls may not be the oldest in Magic Valley, but that doesn’t mean they’re new to the game.

“(In) 2003 we started Patrick Farms, but I’ve been on the farm all my life,” said David Patrick.

David Patrick runs the farm. Between him and his father, they have their hands full.

The family grows corn, peas, silage and more.

“I have property here in Twin, I rent my dad’s property here in Twin. My dad has property south of Filer on the Salmon Trail, we farm there and I have a small property south of the sugar factory,” Patrick said.

Farming in southern Idaho is not without its challenges. From drought to changing soil conditions, each year brings its own challenges.

“It’s interesting this year. I think this is the longest April cold snap I can think of. The ground is frozen, it’s a bit difficult to do a lot,” said Patrick.

While late freezing temperatures in Magic Valley could slow the start of the growing season, Patrick says all is not so bad on the farm.

“I like having a bit of cold weather because it tends to sit better and grow better, put out more sprouts that way. Then you get a better yield,” Patrick said.

Cold weather late in the year, hot, dry summers, or whatever nature throws at southern Idaho farmers, Patrick knows they’ll find a way through.

“Having grown up around farmers and former farmers, I think almost all farmers are problem solvers. They will figure out how to make their culture work as well as possible with the resources they have,” Patrick said.

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