Uighur farmer serving 8-year sentence for saving wife from forced abortion dies in prison


March 16, 2022 4:58 p.m. STI

beijing [China]Mar 16 (ANI): A Uyghur farmer, sentenced to eight years in prison for saving his wife from a forced abortion, died in prison in 2020, a news outlet said quoting another Uyghur briefed on development officials and of the local police.
Uyghur farmer, namely Abdureshid Obul, moved his pregnant wife from their hometown in Xinjiang to prevent Chinese authorities from forcing her to have an abortion in 2012, Radio Free Asia reported citing a Uyghur from the same county who now lives in foreigner.
Obul, who returned a year after the birth of her baby, was detained by police and interrogated for a week. He was later released after undergoing “political re-education” and paid a 20,000 yuan fine for violating the government’s family planning policy, according to the source.
Notably, Obul’s wife was pregnant with her fourth child when this happened. However, under government policy, ethnic minority families living in rural areas were only allowed to have two children.
Despite paying the fine, Obul was sent to an internment camp in 2017 when Chinese authorities stepped up their crackdown on Uyghurs and reconsidered Obul’s action as a crime deserving of a harsher sentence, he said. reported the media citing a source.
According to the source, the year was marked by a sudden increase in the enforcement of the Chinese government’s family planning policy.

Obul, who spent two years in the camp, before being sentenced to eight years in prison for “religious extremism and disturbing social order”, died in prison after serving a year of his sentence, according to the source .
Notably, in recent years, forced abortions have reached an all-time high among Uyghurs in the region, the outlet reported citing observers.
As part of the crackdown on ethnic minorities that mainly began in 2017, the Chinese government has implemented population control measures for Uyghurs, including forced sterilizations and abortions.
Uyghur women and other Turkish minority women, who were released after being held in Xinjiang’s vast network of internment camps, have said they were raped, tortured and coerced into undergoing sterilization surgery, a reported Radio Free Asia.
However, China publicly denies committing human rights abuses in Xinjiang.
International reactions have varied. Some United Nations (UN) member states have issued statements to the UN Human Rights Council condemning China’s policies, while others have supported China’s policies.
The United States was the first country to declare the human rights violations a genocide, announcing their conclusion on January 19 last year. (ANI)


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