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India is an agrarian economy with 65% of our population dependent on agriculture and agriculture-based businesses. Despite the increase in population and food demand in India, the conventional farming method has not changed and is still implemented by 90% of farmers. This leads to an undervaluation and underuse of the land and other resources available to farmers.

Many countries on different continents have adopted various forms of unconventional modern farming methods. The 10% of Indian farmers who have adopted modern unconventional methods of farming have not only improved financially, but yield and product quality have also improved.

This technological boon should be spread among farmers and the one doing it in India is none other than Agro Expert Kamal Joshi. Mr. Kamal Joshi teaches and guides farmers to use different unconventional techniques such as greenhouse farming, net farming, hydroponics, vertical farming, etc. to improve crop quality, produce and double farmers’ incomes and also to earn the available government subsidies.

For 15 years now, Kamal Joshi has launched more than 200 projects and has consistently helped build an unconventional agriculture base in India. Starting from a small town in Surat, Gujrat, Kamal Joshi has spread his consultancy expertise all over India.

Mr. Joshi has many concerns about traditional farming methods. The first is why not use resources optimally when we can? Eg. If a vertical farm developed for growing turmeric can bring in 3 crores a year, why continue to farm in the traditional way! When groundwater levels are declining rapidly and seasonal rains are affecting the crop, why depend on them when there are other methods of crop protection and high yield. Why not take advantage of the schemes and grants given to farmers by government bodies such as the National Horticulture Board of India.

The only thing is that sensitization of farmers is essential to help them in better ways and Mr. Kamal Joshi has sworn to pass these unconventional ways to every farmer in India.

Kamal Joshi comes from a very modest background. As a child born into the family of farmers, Kamal had seen the farmers’ grievances and hardships firsthand. He then decided to help his father since childhood and help his parents achieve stability in the farming business.

Today Kamal Joshi inspires & helps many budding entrepreneurs with an agricultural vocation. From developing his multi-layered vertical farm for growing turmeric to growing strawberries in greenhouses, Kamal is yielding an amazing return with the resources available. An acre of land can fetch about 3 crores when done with turmeric as a crop.

With minimum resources and maximum output. Mr. Kamal Joshi is trending in India as the most resourceful agricultural expert. He is available for discussion on his FB: https://www.facebook.com/iamkamaljoshi


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