Urban agriculture policy to teach global best practices, according to Rai | Delhi News

New Delhi: The Delhi government will soon launch its urban agriculture policy, teaching best practices and solutions from around the world, Environment Minister Gopal Rai said.
The minister held a roundtable to boost the urban agriculture initiative and said all companies and technology providers have been ordered to submit a detailed report on their respective urban agriculture models to the department.
Rai said: “With the shift from farmland and greenery to concrete dwellings, noise and increasing population density, Delhi’s metropolitan areas are becoming increasingly overcrowded. Future reforestation campaigns in Delhi will almost certainly run out of space in such a situation. The Delhi government is planning an urban agriculture strategy. The aim is to promote and empower everyone in Delhi to grow their fruits, vegetables and other essentials in their own homes. »
The minister on Wednesday discussed new models and practices with various companies and technology providers at the Delhi secretariat on urban agriculture, one of the 14 goals of the summer action plan to tackle pollution. The promotion of urban agriculture techniques such as hydroponics, greenhouse cultivation, vegetable garden, farms, aeroponics, ravoponics and aquaculture were discussed during the conference.
“Technology vendors showcased various urban agriculture models suitable for Delhi’s climatic and spatial conditions at the conference. Based on the information received from them, a new working project for urban agriculture in Delhi will be developed,” he said. Residents can grow fruits, vegetables and plants on their terraces in urban agriculture if there is enough sunlight.

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