Using blockchain to save orangutans


Orang Utan Coffee Wins Top Awards at Supply Chain Excellence Awards with Innovative Approach to Sustainability

Frannie Santos-Mawdsley, Senior Marketing Manager at UCC UK & I with host Shaun Williamson

To drink coffee. Save the orangutans. Winner in the Food and Beverage category of the prestigious Supply Chain Excellence Awards – in their special 25th year edition – and overall winner, winning “Team of the Year” with their Farmer Connect blockchain technology, Orang Utan Coffee, in partnership with Farmer Connect, pave the way for the future of the supply chain in the sector.

After receiving the prestigious innovation prize at Lunch! and Casual Dining show earlier this year for their premium automated retail UCC TO GO ™, the most customizable take-out coffee machine on the market, UCC Coffee reiterated its success with the Orang Utan Coffee brand and ripped off the both the Food and Drink and the top “Team of the Year” award at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

Frannie Santos-Mawdsley, Senior Marketing Director for Northern Europe who received the awards, said: “It has been an honor to represent UCC and our partners, Farmer Connect, at the 25th anniversary of the Supply Chain Excellence Awards. Our teams worked closely together and at the launch stage we were also joined by Waitrose & Partners, who have always supported the project. It has been an extremely collaborative and cross-functional, cross-company team effort, therefore winning the coveted ‘Team of the Year’ was unexpected, but it reinforces our focus on CSR and innovation in different areas. of the company. I just won an innovation prize at lunch! for our UCC TO GO ™ it is very gratifying for our team to see our hard work during the very difficult months that we have all been through being recognized.

Part of the global Ueshima Coffee Company, UCC Coffee UK and I have, for many years, created and managed coffee experiences for the fastest growing foodservice, hospitality and retail businesses. With industry leading insider knowledge and a global network, its total coffee solution is tailored to customer needs and goals, working in partnership to ensure their coffee offering grows faster and outperforms the market.

As the UCC TO GO ™ unit demonstrates, innovation and a forward-looking approach to coffee are at the heart of UCC’s agenda. As part of their portfolio, they manage white label coffee brands for some of the UK’s biggest names in retail and food service, as well as their own range of certified and sustainable coffees, including Grand Café in partnership with Conservation International, ThreeSixty, which includes the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade blends, and Orang Utan.

UK’s FIRST Blockchain Café

Working with the Farmer Connect © platform, UCC Coffee UK & I with Orang Utan Coffee are the UK’s leading blockchain coffee brand, helping to protect farming communities, rainforests and orangutan populations in Indonesia with technology designed to help increase transparency, credibility and fairness throughout the coffee supply chain.

Blockchain, a type of database that records transactions in unique, separate, non-editable, time-stamped, and cryptographically-encoded ‘blocks’ linked to each other in a permanent ‘chain’, provides accessible, understandable, and validated data that are downloaded at every stop of the Orang Utan Coffee journey – from the highlands of Sumatra until it hits the coffee shelves of retailers, such as Waitrose and Ocado, in the UK.

This means that Farmer Connect and UCC can ensure full transparency in the seed-to-cup supply chain and can ensure that farmers receive a fair wage for their vital work. In addition, a portion of these sales is donated to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP) and other charities to directly improve the lives of the communities concerned.

Direct to farmers

As part of their continued commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, the Orang Utan brand has been endorsed by Waitrose & Partners and coffee is available in store or online for their customers to make informed choices and opt for a now recognized coffee brand. and recognized for their commitment to innovation in the supply chain.

All of this means that customers can do their part to support the farmers, communities and environments that have chosen to source their coffee, with the assurance that the records have not been corrupted in the process.

Customers can also make an additional donation directly to farmers through the Farmer Connect © platform, knowing in confidence that the money will reach them and not be siphoned off along the way.

In the restaurant business, the brand is extremely popular in education and is listed in universities, colleges and independent schools where increasingly ethically engaged students appreciate the direct and conscious message.

Also ideal for garden centers and recreation areas, Orang Utan offers customers the opportunity to protect farmers’ livelihoods and preserve the fragile environments of the rainforest home to millions of species.

Now recognized by the Supply Chain Excellence Awards, the brand’s support for SOCP has contributed to other successes, including:

  • Safe rehabilitation of over 200 orangutans
  • Cancellation of major palm oil concessions
  • The closure of a major timber concession and the establishment of a protected status for 88,000 hectares in the Batang Toru ecosystem, which is currently home to 800 Tapanuli orangutans
  • Help SOCP build The Orangutan Haven in North Sumatra – a safe home for orangutans who are too injured to return to the wild
  • Certification of all Orang Utan coffee producers in the Gayo Highlands to meet the rigorous standards of Orang Utan coffee
  • Help coffee farmers build their own processing plant
  • Continuous training and education of coffee growers on environmentally sustainable agriculture to help protect the natural habitat of orangutans.

Orang Utan is available in store or online through Waitrose & Partners or online through Ocado.

For more information on UCC and its award-winning products, please visit

Cafe UCC

UCC Coffee is proud to offer the industry leading total coffee solution model. We roast a full range of coffees ranging from our own portfolio of award-winning brands to private label offerings. customers always stay ahead of their competition. Our data-driven approach to coffee excellence ensures their teams have the skills to produce quality coffee at all locations, regardless of scale. Our technical customer support and the knowledge base of our service engineers are always available, where and when. Our expert teams become an integral part of our clients’ business, providing preventative and reactive coverage all year round, so their coffee keeps flowing.

Insight and branding, coffee, equipment, data-driven training, intelligent service, category management all help to make the experience truly exceptional for customers and end consumers. We make every cup count.

With UCC, restore points can activate a solution powered entirely by unmatched expertise, experience, service and data. Our extensive network and scalable solutions are proven to drive double-digit growth faster than the market.


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