Viewpoint: Tester highlights top 7 achievements of the US Senate in 2021


Hope you have had a safe and wonderful holiday season so far, and are ready to celebrate the New Year very soon!

Before this year is up, I wanted to take a moment to complete it by sharing some of my highlights for 2021. We’ve had a whole year here in the United States Senate, and throughout I have focused on real things. results for the Montanais.

Here are some results we have achieved together:

1. The signing of my bipartite infrastructure package in law.

No surprise here, my highlight is the Two-Party Infrastructure Package, which provides urgent investments in Montana that will support our small businesses, lower costs for working families, and grow our economy.all without raising taxes for Montana families.

This package, which I’ve worked closely with 5 Republicans, 4 Democrats and President Biden to negotiate for much of this year, will create hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs and help us maintain our economic advantage. on China by improving our roads, bridges, airports, broadband internet, water supply systems, power grid, etc.

This is a good bill, and it is thanks to the bipartisan work that the Montanais expect of their leaders that we have been able to do so.

2. Fight consolidation and stimulate competition in the agricultural industry.

As the only active farmer in the Senate, I will always fight for our family farmers and ranchers. This year, with the help of the Montana Farm Associations, we have secured bipartisan support for many of our priorities to level the playing field and increase market transparency – bills like our American Beef Labeling Act, our Meat Wrapping Special Investigator Act, our State Inspected Meat and Poultry New Markets Act, one on spot prices, and recent legislation to suspend foreign imports that threaten our markets. These bipartisan bills will make a real difference to producers in Montana, and I will continue to fight to get them across the finish line.

3. Provide disaster relief for Montana growers facing historic wetness and drought.

I knew from the crop failure on my own farm that growers needed help, so I joined with farmers and ranchers in Montana in pushing the USDA to get help directly into the hands of those in need. needed – with programs like the Livestock Forage Program, the Emergency Livestock Assistance Program and the Conservation Reserve Program. I am still working to get more relief for pastoralists transporting livestock for food, and have introduced bipartisan legislation to permanently increase this much-needed support.

4. Pass the American rescue plan.

the American rescue plan allowed us to quickly get gun shots for anyone who wanted them. He helped keep small businesses afloat and opened rural hospitals and schools. The relief provided by this legislation will have a positive impact on Montana’s economy for generations to come.

5. Reopening of the northern border.

The shortsighted decision to keep the Canada-U.S. Border closed was hampering the ability of Montana families and businesses to fully recover, so I stood by their side and fought for this unnecessary restriction to be lifted as well. quickly and safely as possible.

6. Make the United States Innovation and Competition Act.

This historic science-based legislation will support cutting-edge research that will spur development and create well-paying jobs in the 21st century. The bottom line is that our national security depends on ensuring that America remains the world leader in scientific and technological innovation to counter the growing threats from our adversaries like China. I am proud of the work we have done to get this bipartisan bill through the Senate, but most of all proud to have secured an amendment ensuring that rural America will have a seat at the table when it comes to a new pole of innovation.

7. Lead the Senate Veterans Committee.

Our male and female fighters deserve the support and the benefits they have earned. We were able to get 8 of my bills were enacted to meet the changing needs of our vets here at home, and connect more people with the healthcare, benefits and respect they have earned. And we’ll continue the good fight in Washington to make sure we keep the promises made to our men and women in uniform.

Our work did not stop there. Whether it is taking action on these issues or other crucial fights, I am proud of all that we have accomplished this year. But we all know that we still have a very important job ahead of us.

This action begins with the people on the ground, letting us, the elected officials, know how and where we can best serve you. I therefore encourage all Montanais to contact my office to let me know what we can do for you in 2022.

As always, it is an honor to serve you every day in the United States Senate, and I look forward to the New Year, and with it, all the new opportunities to continue to provide in Montana.

Stay Safe, Be Well and Happy New Year!


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