Virtual Community Supported Agriculture Fair to Address Food Insecurity


PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – Food insecurity exists in every county in Kentucky, and Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) officials are concerned that people are neglecting community-supported agriculture as part of of the solution.

CSAs allow community members to support local farms by purchasing shares that function like food boxes.

From February 23 to March 4, farms will be recognized as CSA suppliers delivering locally sourced fresh food through a virtual event.

”[A goal is] being able to connect consumers to farmers,” according to Tyler Madison, director of creative marketing at KDA. “And to be able to see that direct connection between a consumer, and then allow them to meet a farmer, and then directly find that farm-fresh food.”

Community Supported Farmers serve all counties in Eastern Kentucky.

Andee Stevens, co-owner of Happy Hens Homestead, is just one of them and the virtual fair means a lot to her financially and personally.

“At the start of the season, we start with the CSAs, and so that money is already there for me to buy seeds and soil amendments and get things done,” she said.

Another CSA is Sustainable Harvest Farm in Laurel County, the region’s largest certified organic producer.

“Most farmers I know, especially grower farmers, if there’s a customer who wants to buy their product, they’ll sell it to them,” said Sustainable Harvest Farms owner Ford Waterstrat.

These two farmers deliver their CSAs directly to people, supplying a community alongside traditional stores.

Waterstrat and Stevens deliver their stocks directly to people throughout the year.

For a complete list of Kentucky Proud farms offering CSA 2022 stock, click here.

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