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Nagpur: An innovation (desi jugaad) from a farmer in the remote village of Pipri (Awagan) in Magrulpir tehsil of Washim district in Vidarbha has gone viral in many other villages in the district.
Farmer Sandip Awagan connected a cable TV cable to stainless steel plates and fixed it to a bamboo in his home to create a makeshift mobile tower.
As soon as Awagan connected the cable to his cell phone, connectivity miraculously improved. Since then, Awagan’s daughter has been taking her classes online without any network issues.
Following in Awagan’s footsteps, at least 40 households in the village of Pipri (Awagan) have installed sheet steel towers on their roofs.
“I had this idea during the second wave of Covid as we sat around doing nothing at home. However, I worked there during the third wave when the cases started to increase and we anticipated another lockdown,” says Awagan.
“Forget the internet, we can’t even make calls from our village. However, after this invention, we watch YouTube, movies and even use WhatsApp,” says Awagan, who has seen the same type of plaques in WiFi routers.
“Previously, we connected the TV antenna in the same way. When we used to adjust it, the signals got better. I decided to try using the same method for mobile signals and it worked,” says Awagan.
In less than a month, many more are taking advantage of the high-speed network. Network engineer Chetan Kalambe told TOI how this homemade device with a satellite dish and metal strip kept on the roof increases the strength of an LTE signal. “This arrangement can pick up the signal from the cell tower. It is possible with metal components but the yield will be low,” he said.
Kalambe asked people to be aware as signal boosters and cellular spectrum antennas are limited to those who have the license to operate them. “Normal users cannot use it to boost their reception. For experiments it may be fine, but be careful with regular use,” he said.
* Poor mobile internet connectivity a major barrier to online school in Pipri village (Awagan)
* Farmer Sandip Awagan fixed two stainless steel plates on a bamboo to make his homemade tower
* A cable TV wire was fixed on these plates and it was brought inside the house
* When this wire was placed near a cellphone, connectivity improved
* Many homes in the village and surrounding hamlets now have this jugaad



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