We must save the Earth for the next generation: CM


Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said we must save the earth for the next generation. Everyone can contribute by planting trees to save the earth.

We must fulfill our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations by becoming friends of trees and the environment. I am overwhelmed by the activities carried out for the protection of the environment by Subhash Manch in Harda. Workers engaged in Harda’s tree planting campaign will be honored in Bhopal.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan was virtually addressing a massive tree planting program organized by Subhash Manch, Harda under “Atmanirbhar Krishak – Atmanirbhar Krishi” (self-employed farmer – self-employed farming) on ​​the occasion of World Environment Day from the residence office. Minister of Agriculture Kamal Patel, Senior Social Worker, Environment lover and Founder of Subhash Manch, Harda, Gauri Shankar Mukati were present in the program held at Harda.

Chief Minister Chouhan said the earth’s existence is in danger due to global warming and climate change. We are not making as much effort to protect the environment as necessary.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set himself the goal of completing the work within the given timeframe for environmental protection in India. We all have to contribute to it. Chief Minister Chouhan said that I plant a sapling every day, and I only feel complete when planting a tree. Until I plant a tree, something seems to be missing. By planting trees, we somehow produce fresh air to breathe. In addition to giving oxygen, trees provide water to rivers and are home to many animals. Due to the increase in the temperature of the earth, a terrible situation will occur, the only way to prevent it is to plant trees.

Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel has informed that the Subhash Club has pledged to plant five crores of saplings in Betul, Hoshangabad, Khandwa and Sehore including Harda. For this, an agreement has also been made with the company “Grow Trees” from Mumbai.

On World Environment Day, 400 Subhash Manch associates and 1.5 lakh farmers are planting saplings at the boundary of their private land.

“Self-sufficient farmer-self-sufficient agriculture”, is the concept of effective and scientific resource management. Within this framework, it is envisaged to create a provident fund for farmers by planting teak and fruit trees on the boundaries and unusable land. Tree planting is also encouraged to protect river banks from soil erosion and to control flooding.

This will also help prevent pesticides used in the fields from being dumped directly into rivers.


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