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Precision Agriculture Dealer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts, and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. Here’s our favorite content from the past week. the The best of the web this week the series is brought to you by Salford Group.

Are we ignoring the risks of autonomous farming?

Amid the hype of autonomous farming, a Cambridge researcher says no one seems to inquire about the risks associated with it, even though high-cost cyberattacks are already targeting large operations in the farming industry. This article from The Western Producer notes some potential technological weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers and solutions to prevent this from happening.

Dry edible beans are a precision market opportunity

Dublin, Ontario, farmer Dave Louwagie doesn’t think dry edible bean growers are using precision farming technologies effectively, despite excellent performance in precision management. “Edibles are a high value crop, so the impact is significant, especially on highly productive soils and in the best productive areas of the field,” Louwagie says in this episode of Edible Bean School on YouTube.

Dealers to benefit from the 9th Annual Strip-Till Conference

We look forward to the 9th Annual National Strip Tillage Conference on July 28-29 in Iowa City, Iowa! Strip-tillers told our editors that they want dealership field technicians to attend annual meetings like this so that technicians better understand the strip-till process and how to deal with the challenges that arise during farmers’ roundtables at the conference. With customers and most manufacturers in the strip-till market at your fingertips, it’s a worthwhile investment for your dealership personnel. The 8-page conference program is now available.

Why this is the perfect year for customers to try new precision farming technology

Erin Hardin, precision agriculture coordinator at Southern States Cooperative, says this is the perfect year for customers to try new precision technologies. She talks about how she’s introducing new precision technology to skeptical growers, which technologies she’s most excited about this season, and more. in this short AgriTalk podcast episode.

AgriTalk Erin Hardin precision pride.png

Robot of the week: TerraClear, a “Roomba” for Rock Picking

Touted as a solution to “farming’s oldest problem”, TerraClear uses real-time imagery and artificial intelligence to pick up rocks. Watch the tool at work on a skid steer loader in this video from TerraClear.

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The best of the web this week is brought to you by Salford Group.

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