Why a Night at the Movies Can Ruin a First Date


Let’s face it: first dates are awkward. No matter how perfectly planned they are, there’s just something about “So… how many siblings do you have?” that makes us want to run and hide. Watching a movie seems like a good option to avoid the inevitable lulls in conversation. But Mary Pols gives us a different perspective: “I find movies pretty exhausting — the last thing I want to do is process in front of someone who might judge whether I’m worthy of a second or third date” (via CNN). It’s worth noting that we ourselves may not be the most intriguing when watching a movie, and any hope you have of connecting may not come when you’re sitting quietly in the dark.

On the downsides of first dates at the movies, Pols continues, “Let’s say during your pre-movie activity, you realize you’re not connecting, and then suddenly you’re stuck sitting next to this person in the dark. for two hours.” Again, she’s right. Movie blogger Aaron Dobbs agrees with Pols, who told CNN, “No matter how much you both enjoy the performance, you don’t learn whether you’ll have fun or not.” Luckily, a night at the movies isn’t the only first-date activity.


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