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Kenny Coogan and Anni Ellis interviewed Jillian Childs as part of the Sustainable Living Program January 10, 2022 on WMNF 88.5FM Tampa.

Jillian is the creator of Florida Farm Finder. At the onset of Covid, she saw Facebook posts about the dumping of farmers’ crops and stories from individuals about the struggle for food. Jillian explained that with her vast experience in social media and promoting events, she was able to find and connect these farmers and community members. She works bridging the gap between small farms and their customers.

This is a necessary service because most of the community, while not buying from a grocery store, does not know where to source local products. At the local and national level, farmers also find it difficult to sell their product. It is a medium that connects the farmer and the consumer where they can talk with each other to meet those needs.

Jillian says, “There are already over 24,000 members finding their way together. It really helps to put yourself in direct contact with a farmer and buy the products from them. Jillian goes on to explain that there are pickups organized at convenient locations. A unique option is even to go to the farm premises and meet the farmer!

How to start? Just go to FloridaFarmFinder.com and just type in your country. Once you’ve submitted your location, the available products appear and you can proceed.

This website is also a great way to connect with local events. Check out the events tab by joining their Facebook page.

Anni Ellis says, “Jillian does a wonderful job uniting people for the greater good. It’s amazing what gems we can find during these two crazy years. I am grateful for people like this.

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