XAG’s drone force on the rise to harvest more for Vietnamese farmers


TRI TONE, Vietnam, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Across Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, drones flying over fields to carry out agricultural work have been gradually adopted in rice paddies. Vietnam becomes one of the fast-growing markets for XAG Agricultural Drone, helping farmers to cope with labor shortage and reduce cost. Meanwhile, drone pilot is seen as the new favorite career for rural youth, who can harness technology to make a fortune in agriculture.

Young pilots used the XAG P100 agricultural drone for agricultural operations

The new rising force to increase rice yields

Nhan, a farmer who owns a 70 hectare rice field in the Bac Ninh Province, suffered from unstable performance and declining profits. He didn’t settle for the performance of an expensive and inefficient manual sprayer. As the cost of hiring workers had put great strain on his livelihood, he commissioned the services of KPT Fly Team to help him cultivate rice with XAG’s drone.

“Before approaching us, Nhan hired 20-25 workers to spray pesticides manually, but this often resulted in uneven spraying and waste of chemicals. Now, because we have the most effective pest prevention tool, our team becomes his first option to harvest,” said Khuong, 30, co-founder of KPT.

“With two XAGs With the P100 agricultural drones, two small teams of just 4-6 people can complete field work much faster and easier. While the drone sprays evenly and penetrates rice crops faster, it can also spread seeds and fertilizers. Our service has helped him reduce labor costs and improve yields.”

According to the World Bank, employment in agriculture Vietnam dropped from 65% to 36% over the past two decades. Young people from rural areas have moved to the city for more decent work. Faced with rural aging, farmers complain that it is becoming more difficult to hire workers to manage their rice fields.

The introduction of the agricultural drone has changed the young generation’s outlook on rural development. It provides a decent job opportunity for rural youth who can start a new type of business like KPT Fly Team or become a drone pilot. They have become the new rising force to strengthen from vietnam role of “rice bowl” of the world.

The key to gaining farmers’ trust

KPT Fly team was established in 2021 by a group of young engineers with experience in rice farming. They provide services to farmers in the Mekong Delta, using XAG’s drones to control pests, sow seeds and apply fertilizers.

Seeing the great potential of drone business in Vietnam agriculture is the main reason Mr. Khuong and his counterparts established KPT. Labor shortages, the high price of hiring workers, and the rising cost of fertilizers and pesticides have prevented rice farmers from improving their productivity. Production is unstable and the benefits farmers can receive seem to depend on luck.

The ideal income has also attracted young people to embark on this new career. According to Mr. Khuong, during the busy agricultural season, a drone pilot can earn 20.4-23.8 million VND monthly, well above the average salary in the countryside and even in town.

Since its inception, KPT has grown into a team of 4 founders and 16 operational pilots and has serviced over 5,000 hectares of rice fields. “The XAG P100 drone makes us more confident in our efficiency. Its 40 kg payload allows for larger scale operation. By simply setting parameters on the mobile app, the drone can do its job autonomously with intervention minimal human,” Mr Khuong said.

However, promoting the agricultural drone to farmers has never been easy. Most farmers were used to spraying with a large amount of water and they doubted that the drone would be more effective in protecting crops with less water. To allay farmers’ apprehensions, the pilot team would conduct a test flight and prove the drone’s effectiveness against manual operation. Calculations are done to show farmers the benefits of reducing waste and how it can save them money.

“We make a commitment to farmers that when our drones spray according to the amount of water we recommend, and if it is not effective, they will be compensated,” Khuong said. As the results do not disappoint their expectations, the KPT team gains confidence and increases the number of clients.

XAG’s agricultural drone is known for its level of automation and precision, but what impresses KPT the most is the company’s agricultural ecosystem. From remote sensing drone to unmanned ground vehicle, XAG has also developed several types of products to focus on the various needs of farmers. More technologies will be applied on the farm to ensure a bright future.



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